An interview with Aimee-Lynn Chadwick

Interviewer: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into acting.

Aimee-Lynn: Hi, my name is Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, I am from Sandwich, MA, in good old Cape Cod. I got into acting probably since the day I was born. Acting and singing are all I’ve ever wanted to do. I moved to L.A. to start my career and thus landing me the part of Becky Carlson in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD IV AND V which I was quite stoked about. Becky’s a little bit of a nerdy character in the first movie and she kicks some Zombie butt. In the second film she kind of evolves into a Technicolor nerd I would say.

I: What is it like working on a zombie film?

A:The prosthetics experience is quite an ordeal, its great. If the guys weren’t so good it might not be as fun because it’s about two hours long, maybe two and a half. It depends on how much make up they wanted to put on me, but it was pretty cool. They totally transform my face, take off my eyebrows, give me a little bridge on my nose, put on the cheek bones and its quite amazing how these guys can totally transform people into something else. You look at yourself in the mirror and you’re somebody else, you know a monster and you’ve got this nasty stuff on your teeth and drool hanging down and the contact lenses, a lot goes into it so it’s quite fun. And they clean you up after, you can’t beat it!

I: Tell us about the relationships that you and your character have.

A: Becky’s relationship with lets say Julian, on screen its kind of like maybe they were friends when they were little and then Julian got all cool and Becky just wasn’t so cool but he pitied her and she basically lived in his driveway so they were buddies and our relationship on camera is oddly enough kind of like our relationship off camera, like Cody or Cory is the one that the jokes start and I’m more logically thinking and joke around.

Coming into this project I was a little nervous, it was overseas, I didn’t know what the other actors were going to be like and we all know about other actors but it has quite surprisingly just been an awesome experience. Me and the boys we’re like a gang and we come to work everyday and we do our parts and we kind of joke around with each other in the scenes and then afterwards we hang out and its kind of like the same thing and its been really comforting to have like my little Romanian family and hopefully we’ll keep our relationships as we go on, outside of Bucharest.

My experience with the Romanian crew has been delightful. They’re great guys, they’re doing their thing and you come to work and you’re kind of tired and they’ll always be there to cheer you up you know. They’ve taught me many Romanian words, a lot of jokes, a lot of phrases which I’ve learned not to use on some people but it’s been cool, it’s been different. Half the time you don’t know what’s going on because no one speaks English and you’re like that movie Lost in Translation but it’s kind of been cool, maybe you don’t need to know what’s going on.

I: Were you familiar with the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series?

A:I was very familiar with the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series, I love it. I love gore, I love horror, I love all that stuff, I’d marry Chucky today if he had asked me but the first one is one of my favorite ones. I like that stuff. I like watching gore and I like watching guys get ripped apart and Zombies and brains being eaten. I think its funny and I enjoy it a lot. Savini and all them, Fulchi, they’re just amazing, I think they’re true artists, maybe that sounds funny to some people but I like it.

I: What do you plan to do after this project is finished? Will you do another Horror film?

A: What’s in the future for me? Hopefully more roles and just keep working and keep working on my music, keep doing movies, I definitely would do some good horror movies, I want to work with Savini, I want to work with…God, everyone! I definitely would do some more horror films, maybe Freddie, I might do that, come back and I can help him kick Jason’s butt again.

I: How do brains taste?

A: Brains? I’m sure they taste good. I’m not going to give anything away but they do serve brains on the Romanian menu here, which is probably why they picked this location.

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