An interview with Jenny Mollen

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself, about your character and how you got involved in the project.

Jenny: I’m Jenny Mollen, I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a graduate of the UCLA School of Theatre. I got into the film industry during my time at UCLA and I have been doing it ever since.

I play the character of Jenny, she is basically the new woman in Julian’s life. They’ve met at school and she doesn’t know as much about what’s been going on in Julian’s world as maybe she should but she learns with the audience as the film unfolds…

I got involved with the project sort of randomly. My agent called me, I think a day before I left for Romania and asked if I would be interested in doing a Zombie movie. Twenty four hours later I was on a plane and the rest is history.

I: How was the process of the prosthetic make up, how was the experience for you?

J: Well, the experience with the prosthetics, I’m thrilled that I don’t actually have to morph. I’ve had some experience with prosthetics before. I worked on the television show, ANGEL. Some of these guys are acquaintances of acquaintances and it’s always a pleasure to be out of the country and run into familiar faces. That actually has been probably the best part of the make-up process for me since I actually don’t have to morph. I think the art of it is astounding and really inspiring to watch because with make up, I think people look at it and say “OK well yeah you just check the eyes and put some stuff here”. It’s like painting and it’s thrilling to watch it all being put together and kind of be a part of that.

I: Tell me a bit about your experience with the Romanian film crew and working with Castel Films.

J: It’s been a great experience to work with the Romanian crew. I like the food and the people, I love being in Europe and I think it really was one of the main reasons that I decided to join the cast and come over here. I think as far as life experience goes, when are you ever going to have a chance to be really thwarted into an environment like this? It’s a life changing experience.

It could have been an uncomfortable situation because I came on to the project sort of halfway through. They’d just finished the first film and they were moving into the second film. John had shot some of the scenes, certain scenes had already been shot with a different actress, who became ill and was evacuated back to the States. I came in to re-work some of that stuff. I think at first, it was intimidating because you’re thinking “I’m sure they have a relationship, I’m sure they have a chemistry and what am I going to bring to the table?” but everybody was very welcoming and I feel like I’ve known these people forever and I’ve never actually worked with them. It’s rare to work with an ensemble of younger actors. I’m usually the only young person on whatever set I’m working on so it’s a very different dynamic and its fun, I feel like I’m at summer camp.

I: Were you familiar with the series before?

J: The RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series I was familiar with. I know that it has a huge cult following and I actually just got back from London where I was doing some publicity work for the TV show, ANGEL and it’s a similar crowd. It felt like it would please some of my supporters if I took this on.

I: What’s next for you? Do you think you will do any more Horror Films?

J: So for me what’s next, actually in December I’m doing a play in London that I wrote and it’s actually about my dog so I will be over in London hitting the stage again. I’m waiting to hear on a couple of films, we’ll just see, I can’t really give you a straight answer but I will definitely be open to doing more horror work I think.

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